For today NGO LLI is regarded to be number one organization in Ukraine in terms of number of participated international observations.

NGO "LEADING LEGAL INITIATIVES" is a non-governmental organization with many-years’ experience in monitoring compliance with transparency and democratic standards during electoral campaigns both, in Ukraine and abroad. So far, our international observers have taken part in 33 electoral campaigns and referendums – in Poland, the UK, Slovakia, Moldova, Columbia, Mexico, Latvia and others countries. Took part in 56 electoral campaigns in Ukraine.

In 2018, LLI received a long-term accreditation for international observers from the Electoral Commission of Great Britain valid till 2021.


A sociological survey and research of electoral statistics are conducted in the given area using a unique LLI automated system hardware and software complex, which enables to receive data online (face-to-face poll) and analyze them irrespectively of the territory or number of respondents.

- creation of survey form. Survey form is developed based on customer’s specifications and uploaded into the program;
- customer receives individual access password (survey form, poll, survey results) to observe and analyze the survey. Customer also receives the required number of passwords for engaged interviewers.

Automated system “LLI Control and Observation”: election day, simultaneous counting, control, security

This is a computer program for political parties at the national level in the context of majority constituencies and municipal elections (multi-level elections), which ensures election day support:

- recording law violations on election day;
- simultaneous vote counting. Full control of vote counting from the moment voting stations open to the moment voting results reports are signed, as well as full control of report filling in until official results are announced;
- conduction and an exit poll and its results.

This program is adaptable to elections area and takes into account local electoral legislation.


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